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As humans, we are social creatures. We thrive as individuals and as a society when we have good communication. There is a problem in the world today with a lack of communication. Many of the major problems in the world can be solved through better communication. There are a lot of people who strive to make better connections, but there are those who try to make too many all at once. When it comes to connections, it is better to have quality over quantity. We do not need to make everyone like us and we do not need to please everyone. It is impossible to make everyone happy with you.

The Christs taught through their example that we are not on the earth to make everyone happy. They, in fact, made a lot of people angry through their actions and manner of speaking. We should not have to be a people pleaser. We do not want to undermine or give up our values in order to try to make someone happy. Be who you are and do what is right and the people who accept you will be in your life. When we are not true to ourselves, we will not be true to others and communication breaks down.

The prophets throughout history and the prophets today have stressed the importance of good communication. We should learn good communication skills early and we should employ those values throughout our lives. We can solve a lot of problems and break down barriers when we are on the same page. The way to do that is through good communication. Practice it well in your own life and you will see the results in others. When it comes to being successful in the world, you need to improve yourself. All education is important, but it is meaningless without having meaningful connections to others and the world around you.

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