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Am I A Child?

The prophets emphasized that we should approach our spirituality with the mind of a child. What does it mean to approach it in that way? How will it affect us in the future? What is meant by that is we should approach our new mission in life with a clean slate and one of innocence. When we are born into the world, we have a sense of innocence, purity, and cleanliness. We should maintain that when we are born into a new spiritual person. We should not go into a new phase in our life with the baggage of an old life keeping us down.

The Christs and the prophets taught that we should approach all of the new spiritual things with the mindset of a child. It means that we should not have to bring the baggage with us when we do come into that life. We should bring the lessons that we learned in the past so we can go into the future with a good mindset and we do not repeat the mistakes that we made in the past. The future should be bright and we should not approach it with the bad things. The Christs approached their life and each new day with a new mindset.

What good does holding grudges do for you? What good does having baggage in your life do for you? Take all of those away in the best manner possible, learn the lessons that you need to learn, and take your life forward into a future that is free from the past and brighter than it has ever been. Do not have any regrets going into the future and let go of the grudges that you have in the past. The past is history. The future is not known. Take the time to make the most of the life that you are in now.

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