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The Heart of a Prophet

In this day and age, the prophet is not only designated as a seat that is held by a guardian of the philosophy of various religions and philosophies around the world, but they also consist of the people that are a part of this seat. A prophet has to be held to a higher standard than the normal people of the world. They hold a seat of spiritual power and they have to act in accordance with the divine plan that has given them this power. We should uphold their calling and support them in all the endeavors that they do. We should also hope and pray that they make the right decisions on behalf of the people.

The Christs supported the prophets no matter what they did. They understood that the bad prophets did not know what they have done. The prophets that have been correct have been supported by the Christs through their words and deeds. The prophets and their seats in this day and age have not only supported the Christs of old, but they have also predicted and supported the Christs that have yet to come. The processions of the equinoxes have come to a point of transition and we will be looking forward to the Christs soon.

The Christs have provided the people of the world with a lot of wisdom and knowledge. This wisdom and knowledge have been supported by the seats of the prophets and of the people that hold those seats. We should understand and follow in their guidance and counsel for all of the days of our lives. The world is full of people who do not know of the guidance that comes from the prophets. There is a lot of support for the school of the prophets and that support will continue to increase through the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

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