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The Seat of the Prophet

There was earlier this week an emphasis placed on the people who play a role in the seats of the prophets. However, we should focus, in this day and age, on the seats that the prophets hold. The seats are important because they will maintain their space of importance within their respective philosophies and throughout the world no matter who actually holds those seats. We should understand that the people who have held those seats in the past are more important than those who are holding them now. The older a philosophy is, the more prophets they have holding the seats of importance.

The Christs talked about the importance of the seats of the prophets as they have been the founders of many of the seats of the prophets that exist to this day. The seats of the prophets hold their existence to the founding of the Christs. The seats of the prophets are more important today than they ever have been because of the word nature that we have today. This increased awareness bring our attention to parts of the world that members of the older seats would not have any idea about. This new perspective will bring about new points of outreach and new challenges that need to be addressed.

The people who hold the seats of the prophets today and those who will live in the near future will be the ones to guide the world to the next stage of spiritual evolution. There are some people who hold the seats of the prophets that will not bring this to light and there are some that will just bring them to light now. There are some that have been bringing a lot of light, but all of the seats need to be on the same page in terms of progression. It is a progression that will make the world a better place.

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