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Meek and Lowly of Heart

The Christs have talked about the meek and the lowly of heart and how they will make their way into the kingdom of heaven. The Christs have even made the claim that it is theirs. Indeed the riches of the world do not matter when we think of the things of the heavens. It does not matter how much you have and how much you give. What is important is that you have enough  to be happy and you give to the intent of the heart. Giving to those who are poor are hard things to do for those that are poor, but what about those who are rich? It should not be hard, but it is also one of the hardest things that we can do.

The Christs understood the meek and the lowly. Those who are among the meek and the lowly are the poorest of people. They do not have a lot to give, but they are also the ones that are the most generous. Even those that are in a higher place of power will not be able to understand it. The meek and the lowly are the ones that will gain the spiritual riches of the world and of the heavens. They are the ones that will put the nature of the Christs to challenge.

The Christs were the most perfect, but they were not completely perfect. We are not perfect either. We will have to face some big challenges in our life and the meek and lowly is one of the hardest of those challenges. The people of the world will hold on to the money that they have and those who have all of the money in the world will be hard set in giving to those that do not have a lot. We should make this a challenge for ourselves and a challenge for our society.

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