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One More Day

When we are in the darkest depths of our life, we will often think that all of the hope in our life is lost. This is where most of the people of the world will fall short. They will experience one bad thing and they will give up based on that. There are times where I even gave up, but I then moved on and found things that were even greater. This is something that has been stressed by the prophets and the Christs of old. If you give in to the things of old, you will not be able to experience the things of the new.

There are a lot of good things in the world. There are some times in our life when we have to define and redefine who we are. We should not have to give up when a time in our life is tough and when we are in flux. The only thing that should stop our life is our heartbeat. There are a lot of people in the world that will end the very state of their society because of an idea that they have about the future that they are not meant to have.

We should be able to survive one more day. That one day will make all of the difference in the world. The Christs taught us that we can change our life at any moment. This is something that has been largely emphasized by the prophets as well. The lives of the prophets changed in one day, in one hour, and in one moment. That will make for an occasion that will change our life and our perspective forever. These changes will counteract the bad things that we may have in our life at that moment. Do not let that moment change you for the bad, but for the good.

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