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Teaching in the Home

It has been said many times that learning starts in the home. This is the same mantra that many people will have. However, it is something that many of the same people do not preach and make an example of in their home. There are a lot of people that will put people down because they failed to instill the good values of life into their children. However, these are the same people that do not know what their own children are doing behind their back. Not only do we need to teach other people of the good example, but we also need to be that good example.

Teaching in the home starts with the morals and values that we should instill. It may be something that is of a religious nature and it may not, but there needs to be some sort of foundation. Out of that foundation, you can instill knowledge and wisdom and your children will be wiser beyond their years. That is what we all truly want to have in our life. The home should also be a good foundation of an example into itself. It should be seen as an example of a moral and a physical foundation.

There are a lot of people in the world today that do not come from the best of situations at home. They are trying to find something to hold on to because they have nothing else to hold on to. We should pay attention to those situations because it is something that will happen at all levels of income and in all areas. That is why there is a new emphasis on ministering. We need to pay attention to the individual needs of the people. It is not about giving in to the administrative tasks. It is first and foremost making sure that all the broken people that come to us will have the firm foundation they need to move forward to a better life.

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