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Sealing and Healing

There is a lot of talk in the philosophy around the covenant that is a part of Through Minds Eyes. The book refers to the covenant as that of a sealing covenant. it refers to the covenant that we are a part of and it is also representative of a covenant that will usher in the end of the age that we are in so that we can come to the age of the new. A major part of the sealing covenant is the healing that comes from it and the healing that we get when we apply the principles of the covenant that we are presented.

There are a lot of people in the world that do not know anything about the covenant. It is something that we are all born into by virtue of being alive. However, being born into it and recognizing it are two completely different events. When we are born, we become a part of the animal by taking on a body. When we are purified, we take the first step in the process of beginning to understand the inner spirituality that we all have. We should not forget the origins of our own spirituality.

The Christs taught that we are all a part of the family of humanity. They taught that there is something higher than what meets the eye. Those who understand it will truly find the path to the light that many people will try to find. There are only a few of us who will achieve total perfection in the path to the light. That light is the ultimate end of the sealing covenant. We should not give up on our quest to be a part of the ultimate covenant. That is the nature and the purpose of our life. Do not let that idea leave your mind.

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