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A Royal Army

We are all a part of the city of the light. We are among those who have been purified and have been learning the ways of the light. We are all taught that, through our study of the sacred texts and the living of our life in accordance with the Christs, we can also attain the light. We should see ourselves as a part of the royal army in the pursuit of the protection of the city of the light against the dangers of the world. We should not have to face the dangers of the world alone. We should do this in accordance with the divine plan that has been given to all of us.

The Christs talked about the city of the light. They taught that we are in a perpetual war against the world of the darkness. The city of the light is not a physical place. It is a place in the hearts of all of the people who choose to follow in this path. It is internal and not external that makes the royal army what it is. There are a lot of people who are not a part of the path to the light and they are the ones that do not see any of the good that will come from this world.

There is a lot of good that we can see if we are willing to look for it. There are a lot of people who are not willing to look for it and take the time to take up all of the things of the heavens. They do not want to be known for anything in the world other than the fact that they existed to the two of three generations after them. There are many that strive to be more and there are only a few that will actually achieve more.

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