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There are a lot of people who will be inspired by the ministering that they will be on the giving and the receiving end of. We can give to the efforts of ministering in a manner that is similar to those of the Christs. The Christs gave to all people no matter what their situation in life is. We should take after the manner of that example and we should not be in a position to discriminate against anyone. That is not the way of the Christs. We should be in meal with all of the people of the world no matter their place in life. That is how we are to be more like the Christs.

We should also receive in the manner of the Christs. We should not feel like we are entitled to these things are all. The divine plan has called for us to have this in our life. There is nothing in our life that we do not deserve and there is nothing in our life that we deserve. We are given the good things by the divine plan and we are also given the bad things as a result of the divine plan. That is what we know of the divine plan in our life in the world.

We should learn to be more like the Christs when we give and when we take. No matter what place in life we are in we should live in accordance with the divine plan. It is something that transcends all of us. We do not need to do anything differently for the divine plan to take their place in our life. It will come to our life in our own time and in our own context. That is one of the most important things we can understand as we go along the path to the light.

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