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Be With The Spirit

There are a lot of people in the world that do not have the spirit with them. They will base a lot of the decisions they have in life off of the false assumptions that are not provided for by the spirit. Often, they will go against the promptings of the spirit. It does not matter if they are religious or not, there are people on both sides who do not follow the promptings that their spirit screams to them. Those are the people who are among those who do not know and do not care. The Christs stated that we need to have the spirit with us always.

The Christs are the embodiment of the spirit that they want us to have. When they stated that we need to have the spirit to be with us, they understood that we are all connected through the spirit and that spirit comes from the same divine source. If we all followed the spirit, we will all have the same spirit of mind and heart. The differences that we see on the outside will go away. We will all see one another and be seen by the spirit that we embody. It is also the spirit that the Christs embodied.

The prophets implore us to follow in the promptings of the spirit. We are by no means perfect, but we will learn to be more perfect through following in the actions, thoughts, and words of the Christs. The Christs dedicated their entire lives and ministries to help people to become one, to get rid of the outward things that we see that divide us, and to follow the spirit that already dwells within us. It screams out to us. We should no longer ignore those promptings and we should act on it. We will not face this with regret.

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