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Small and Simple Things

There are a lot of things in the world that occupy our time. There are a lot of things that the world provides that try to bring us away from the things of the heavens and bring us further down the path of the ways of the world. We should never lose sight of the things that really matter when we are in the pursuits of life. There are many people who have lost their way in the ways of the world. The small and the simple things are the things that really matter. There are not a lot of other things that do.

The Christs have talked about the relationship between the things of the world and the things of the heavens with us in the middle. It is a fight that is part of our collective duality. We are born with two natures. There is the spiritual side and there is the human side. Our goal in life is not to get rid of one nature or the other nature. Our goal in life and the goal of the divine plan is to find a balance between the human and the spiritual. That is how we are go get to the divine destiny. That is what the Christs have been able to perfect.

Life on this planet is about finding a balance. It is the way that it has been set up from the beginning. It is what we need to do in order to have the best life possible. We can enjoy being a human and we can also enjoy being a part of the spirit that binds all of us together. It will truly change our views of life. It is something that continues to be talked about by the prophets and will continue until the day of the return of the Christs.

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