Behold the Man

There are a lot of people who claim to be the sole prophet in the world. They come from religions all over the world and they claim to be the one true religion. In this increasingly multicultural and multireligious world that is interconnected, there is a greater understanding of the true wisdom that we have just begun to discover in its fullness. There are no claims of being the one true religion and the one true church from an Epochalist standpoint. The only claims that are made are the guardianship of the philosophy that is just one of many.

The Christs did not emphasize the establishment of one true religion or one true Church. For example, when Jesus told Peter that this is the Church that his teachings would be built on, he did not make any sense of understanding that it is the only way to understand the nature of the divine. What he said was that his teachings would be built on the house of Peter provided that it would maintain the teachings of the Christs and be in harmony with the teachings of the Christs, which is debatable at best. Buddhists and Muslims and many other religions do not have a Church, but rather they had schools of thought. We take all of these things into account when we established the School of the Prophets.

The School of the Prophets consist of seats, that are immovable, and the people who take up those seats, which are movable. The combination of the movable and immovable are the status of the seats of the prophets. The immovable means that they need to be connected to the Christs in the generations after the Christs through an unbroken succession of the movable parts. The movable part of the prophet depends on the character of the person and the values and morals that they themselves hold to be true on and off the seat.

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