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When it comes to living in the way of the Christs, it is about the people around you. When you start out in the movement, you focus on the internal. What is the result of the internal? The internal mindset brings about an external mindset expressed through the way in which we interact with other people. When we are strengthened through the Epochalist path to the light, we are helping other people to see that path to the light. It is all about the people around us and they are attracted to us because of the mindset that we have.

The Christs knew that they were doing what they were doing for the sake of other people. They knew that they needed a change in the mindset and that is what they taught all of us. We need to have a change in our own mindset if we are to change the world. We cannot change the world alone. We need to see the good example of other people in order for us to change. All of this sources from the Christs, which are the example by which the prophets, angels, and all of us strive to be like. People will be converted by deeds and not creeds.

In this day and age there are a lot of people who have heard all about the religions of the world in a basic form. They desire to have the meat and the milk at the same time. In the past, people have been taught the basic things and will only be exposed to the deeper things after taking up the covenant. In the new world, we need to teach people a little bit of both and lead them to the path to the light by example. That will bring about a real example of the reasoning, or the meat, along with the basic doctrine, the milk. Teach them both by doing, not saying.

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