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Prepare to Meet the Divine

There are a lot of people in the world that do not have the divine plan actively be a part of their life. The divine plan is something that exists and it is something that will affect us whether or not we have any knowledge of it. The purpose of our life is to accept it being a part of our existence. When we have knowledge of the divine plan and we act on the promptings of that plan, we will come to a better understanding of ourselves, our place in our society and in the universe, and the world around us. We will see how our life will change in comparison to those around us.

The Christs talked extensively about our need to be a part of the divine plan. They demonstrated through their words what the role of the divine plan was in our life and they demonstrated through example how our life can change as a result of it. There are a lot of people holding the seats of the prophets today that maintain our knowledge of the plan and the example that we can benefit from. There is a large source of information out there with regards to spirituality and we need to have an avenue where we can benefit greatly from its application.

There are a lot of people in the world that do not know and do not care. We should be among those that do know and do care. Our knowledge is extensive. We should have the wisdom that comes from that knowledge. The wisdom in the world is demonstrated through the life of the Christs. Our purpose in maintaining and being a part of the divine plan is our preparation for our meeting and of being one with the divine. Take today and every day to prepare for it.

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