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Let Us Press On

Life can be hard. We will face trials and challenges that totally and completely changes who we are and our direction in life. We should not live our life trying to prevent those choices from happening. We should accept change as a part of our growth and we should be a better person as a result of it. There is nothing in this world that is too challenging for us to overcome. We can overcome everything and anything if we have the right frame of mind and we understand our place in the universe. Ultimately, when we are hitting a roadblock, we need to find the will to press on and we will come to greener pastures.

There are a lot of people in the world that cannot overcome obstacles. Sometimes it is something that is completely out of their control and they can do nothing to be able to overcome it. However, there are also a lot of people who think that they cannot overcome obstacles at all. These are the people that cannot see the green pastures on the other side because they are the ones kicking up the dust. This topic of self-denial comes up a lot in the life and examples of the Christs and it is something that is passed on to this day by the prophets.

There are a lot of people in the world that will not be able to get over something bad that happened to them. They think that their world is something that will come to an end. It is not the end of your world, but it is a change of your world. We have two choices when something major in our world changes. We can die or we can adapt. The Christs and the prophets needed to adapt and it is not something that we are immune from. When we change, we can press on and see the green pastures on the other side.

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