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Bearing Burdens

Going through life as it is will not be easy for all of us and will affect us all at certain points in our life. We should be able to not only bear our own burdens in life, but help people to bear the burdens that they have. Sometimes it is as easy as being a shoulder to cry on or a ear to listen to. There are a lot of burdens that are light and can easily be brought over. There are some burdens that are too difficult for us to get through on our own. We need to enlist the help of others to support us.

The Christs took a lot of burdens from us as humanity. There are a lot of things that they took on their own and they enlisted the help of others to share the burdens to those who will take up their cause. The cause of the Christs was something that was passed on to all of us. The truth of the burdens that the Christs took against the religions of the day are maintained in its pure form by the seats of the prophets and the people who choose to take on this cause by sitting in that seat.

We should support the cause of the Christs by being sincere in our beliefs and taking that practice to the world. Those are some of the hardest burdens that we can have. Many of the problems that we have as humans are things that will eventually go away. The Christs promised us that our burdens will be light. They will be light when we have the help of other people to share in those burdens. That is something that all of us need to understand. We need to have a new perspective to get to the real problems that we have and the solutions that will really help us in the long run.

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