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Extending the Blessings

When we are blessed in this life, it is good for us. When we are blessed, we can extend the blessings that we have to help those that are less fortunate than we are. The blessings that we have can be given to other people in other forms that constitute the things that they are seeking. For example, when we have more time, we are blessed with the opportunity to help people in the extra time that we have. That can result in further blessings for all parties. The blessings that we get can be used for the advantage of other people when the right decision is made.

The choices of the Christs enabled them to have more blessings that they chose to pass on to other people. As a result of the blessings they received, other people were blessed based on the issues they were having. People had their sight restored and their hearing back. They had their pains taken away and their burdens became light. That is what the Christs sought to do as a result of their blessings of healing, time, energy, and zeal for the truth to pass on to all of the people of the world.

We will be given all of the same blessings of the Christs if we are sincere with our actions. What will we do with this time that we have been given? Will we waste our time or will we choose to bless other people? A major problem that people have is that they will choose to waste their time. Their life and all of the pursuits of this life will be wasted because they did not choose the right things when the opportunity presented itself. When we hav a new opportunity we have a choice to make. Which choice is yours?

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