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Placing Trust

There are a lot of people in the world that have issues with trust. They do not trust anyone or anything, even if it is completely valid and is able to be trusted. This stems from the fact that most of us cannot even trust ourselves. Sometimes, we need to place trust in people that we do not know very well and the people we know well cannot be trusted. As trust is something that cannot be given easily, we should be very careful with how we handle that trust and do our best to make sure that we do not break down the trust that those people have given to us.

The Christs talked about trust all the time. They gave trust and they were also very careful with the trust that other people have given to them. Trust is something that we should cherish for our sake and for the sake of other people. This is something that has been emphasized by the seats of the prophets throughout history. When you are given trust, you need to keep your word to them and keep the virtues so that the trust is not challenged or broken. If it is broken, it is hard to get back.

People will abuse trust. People will abuse the place that they are given by others. People have used trust for a variety of bad purposes and it makes it hard for many people to even begin to trust. We should not be the cause of other people to stop trusting. We should learn the strength that trust gives to us and not use it to our advantage. We should use this trust to their advantage. You do not want to be at the other end when trust is broken. That is where conflict begins. Maintaining trust will stop it from happening.

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