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Masculinity is not about being macho or the strongest. The very concept of it brings about the ideas that do not bode well for the new generations that have come about. They may seem to have taken on some of the ideas of masculinity, but they have not taken on some of the good qualities that come in the good man. There are many misconceptions about what it means to be a man. We should understand that the true things that make a man what they are are the things that are on the inside. There are a lot of fathers who are not fathers and a lot of men who are not men.

The Christs espoused the importance of the father, of the masculine. They referred to the qualities of masculinity, which are the ideas of honesty, ethics, morality, hard work, and leadership. None of these things exist in a good form in this day and age. The so-called men of this day and age do not express any of the true qualities of man. This is something that has been largely emphasized by those who hold the seats of the prophets. There are a lot of people who are not setting a good example, so we should strive to do so for our own sake and for the sake of others.

Masculinity, like Femininity, is not relegated to a particular sex or idea. While it is best expressed in a strong father, the qualities of being a good man and masculine figure extends to any family that desires to be of love. Single moms, mothers in a strong sense of the home, and single sex partnerships will obtain some of the qualities of being masculine. We should not discount strong father figures when even our fathers are not taking up their burdens to be a great example.

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