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There are a lot of things in the world that will occupy our time. The world and all of the things of the heavens are in the pursuit of the thing that we have the least amount of, which is time. In theory, we have a maximum of 16-17 hours a day. There are a lot of things in the world that will want to take most of those hours. Even many of the religions of the world will only want to allocate a certain amount of hours a week so we are fully engaged in the world. How will we spend those hours of our day?

The Christs knew that we have only a certain amount of time in our day. We spend a lot of our time in the usual vocations of our life and the time that is not accounted for is spent on sleeping. We have a lot of things that occupy our time and, as a result, we have little time on which we have as completely free. How will we spend our free time? There are a lot of things in the world that will waste our free time and that means that we cannot spend our time on the good and spiritual things.

We should always be engaged in the things of the spiritual. There are honestly a lot of things in the world that can waste all of our free time and even the time that we should be spending on work and sleep. That will affect us in other negative ways. The Christs implored us to have a good balance in life and that is something that we should pursue for all of the days of our life. We do not want people to go into the world with all of their life wasted. We should think about a good and proper balance in accordance with the divine plan.

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