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Social Media and Religion

There is a lot of good that can come out of social media. These softwares and communities allow us to share our life, to see what other people are up to, and to talk with one another on a level that has never been seen. There is also a downside to it, however. We see all of the heartbreak from others and we witness the downward spiral that others can go through. Social media can also be used to make statements and share stories that would ultimately divide us. We can also use social media to share messages that will ultimately uplift all those that read it.

It the Christs had social media, what do you think they would use it for? If they wanted to be on it at all, they would likely share more inspirational videos, photos, quotes, text, and smatter in some news of where they were and what they said. This is something that has been done already by many who hold up the seats of the prophets. They shared less of their personal life and the good and the bad about where they have been. We should take after this example and not get too personal in this day and age.

We do not need to know what you are eating, what you are watching, and where you are going. We like to know what inspiring things you do, what good things you say, and what leaders inspire you. It should not be a front for another life that is in despair. It is something that we should actually eat and breathe. It should be a definition of who we are. Do not let the things of the world define who you are and what you do. Look to those that have gone beyond the complex and stupid things of the world. Be your destiny and share that destiny.

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