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There are a lot of people in the world that are languishing in their life. They are content with the place they are at and there is nothing that they want to do to see how far they can go. They do not want to try new things or go on new adventures. We should have the faith and the will to push ourselves forward when life has pushed us as long as it needed to go for us to survive. There are a lot of people who are pioneers in their field and pioneers in their life and we should strive to do the same.

The Christs were very pioneering in their pursuit of the truth. They did a lot of things in their life that most people would not even think about doing. They were willing to push forward even when the people that followed then did not follow them anymore. We should not give up even when we are walking alone. Even the closest of the disciples of the Christs left them and denied them when they were at death. We should push towards something that makes it so that we are following our destiny without the influence of other people.

There are a lot of people who are also just following the trends. They followed other people who are pioneers without being pioneers of their own. We should not have to push forward if our life is being pushed as we go along for the ride. There comes a point in the life of everyone where life does not push them anymore and it is up to us to define the next phase ourselves. We should be deliberate and careful with these decisions always and to not give up and languish where we are. Be bold, be creative, and be the change that you wish to see in your world.

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