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Pioneer Virtues

There are a lot of good things that we can learn from our ancestors. They sacrificed a lot so that we can have the life that we have today. There are many practical things that can be learned, but there are also some spiritual lessons that we can learn from the things they did. We should take up their good example and we should be a good example ourselves so our posterity can learn good things from us. There are a lot of people in the world that do not care to teach them the right things or to teach them in the right way.

The Christs learned a lot from their mothers and fathers and the ancestors that came from before them. In some cases, they learned what they needed to do when they encountered a similar situation. In other cases, they learned what we should not do when they encountered the same issues. We can use these lessons, whether they are for good or for ill, to our advantages in life and to our advantage in our legacy. There are a lot of people in the world who are passing on a lot of good things to their posterity, but there are also a lot of not so good things being passed on to our young.

We can spread the good virtues by being a good example to those around us. That is something that has been employed throughout history and that is something that continues to this day in many communities. There are a lot of groups that spread bad ideals to their children. That will make for a more polarizing society going far into the future. Your posterity will look on you with a lot of shame for the choices that you made. Our ancestors did a lot of good and a lot of bad things in the past and that is something that we need to change.

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