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Faith in Isolation

Sometimes, we are alone in our family and in our society when it comes to our faith. We can face a lot of opposition when we are going down a new and old path to the light. What we can do is to avoid confrontation, even when other people bring it up, we can be a good example to our family and to those around us, and we can bring about a sense of respect among all family members not to bring up religion and spirituality. We can bring it up through our example. Those who are not enlightened will not be able to have it as an influence.

The Christs were alone in their world. They even had their closest followers turn on them and walk away from them. We should not make it a big deal if we do not agree with everyone and it everyone does not agree with us. We should be who we are and we need to be authentic with who we are. It would be worse if we did not agree with ourselves. We should not do something that we are not comfortable with. We should not have to pretend to believe or think of something as positive if we do not believe in it at all.

Sometimes it is hard to be alone. It is hard to be the first. It is hard to be something new. The world has been used to a certain way of being and doing. The world is rapidly changing and many of us will struggle with keeping up. There are some that will do it better and it is up to us to be patient with those that do not keep up and help them to understand better the issues that define our time. We should learn to be ahead of the curve and understand all sides of the issues that face our age.

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