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Don’t Fail to Feel

We should not be of the world. We should not give in to the things of the world that are bad. We should not have to express the bad emotions that come from the things of the world. We should not give up when times are bad and we should be slow to celebrate the successes that come to our life. We should not place our focus on the material things of the world. We should not lose our sights of spirituality and of the heavens. Just because we are not of the world does not mean that we should not be in the world either.

The Christs know as we should know that we are composed of two natures. These two natures are that of humanity and that of spirituality. Yes, we need to satisfy the humanity side of our being, but we should not indulge in it like so many people do. We also need to have a sense of the spiritual, but it should not be at the expense of the human element. Since we are composed of both, we need to have both be a part of our life. Our goal is to find that balance for it will be this balance that brings us to a higher plane.

The world goes against us, but we are a part of the world. If you want to stand out, you need to be spiritually different. However, you should not be so different that you appear to think you are better than all of the other people who are not a part of the path to the light. There is a balance that needs to be set and the key to that balance lies in the virtues. Once you practice all of the virtues as a natural part of your life, you will also find that balance that so many seek.

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