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Hear the Sounds

The Christs implored us to hear the words that are being spoken and to always be diligent of the things that we hear in our life. There are a lot of things in the world that are enticing to us and our humanity and these things encourage us to step away from the path to the light and sound is one of the most effective tools. People do not know, they hear. They hear things that are not true and they will change their belief system to match those false things. We need to not only hear the sounds, but we also need the hands to touch and the eyes to see in order to back them up.

When we look at some of the issues of the day, we hear many things from all sides of the spectrum. They will, in turn, have had that heard from others and others and passed down through the generations. In fact, in a world where many people could not read or write, the traditions were passed down orally. It was not until the printing press that many people started to learn to read and write for themselves. The divine plan has called for this to happen and that is how the world is set to change.

There is a lot of power that can be wielded by those who know of the ability to persuade by speaking. Those who are listening will hear the words that you say as one in authority and they will tend to believe what has been said. The Christs did the same thing and they knew that many of the people cannot back up what they are saying through reading just to make sure. That is why the Christs also led by example. When we speak, we need to learn to put our words into our actions.

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