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Failure is Part of the Plan

When we are on the path to the light we are expected to stumble from time to time. When one goes through the process of purification, life does not all of the sudden get better for them. In fact, many people will see some initial struggles before life gets any easier. The world and the universe does not all of the sudden get better just because they have been purified. The relationships we have with others and the world and the universe are still the same before and after our purification. Many people forget the point of the Inner part of IUAEC. That is the most important thing we need to understand.

We are encouraged to go through a personal change before and after our purification. The world will not change and the relationship we have with the world around us will not change just because we are on the path to the light. We need to continue to learn and apply before anything changes. The only thing that should change in this whole process is our perspective. It is our perspective that changes the world around us. There are a lot of people in the world that do not understand that they are the only thing that they can change and their personal change is all they need to get to the path to the light.

This is something that has been talked about by the Christs. The Christs did not change the world around them and they did not change the people around them. The only thing that they truly changed was themselves and their perspective on the relationship they had with the things around them. That changed everything for them and that is what they, ultimately, taught to all of us should we choose to follow up those words with actions.

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