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I Am One

I am one. We are one. These phrases sound like pop phrases found in New Age circles. However, the concept of oneness is one of the oldest philosophical teachings. Being one with ourselves and being one with the world around us is something that has been understood from the earliest of civilizations. We can help the land and help others around us and we will know that it and they will repay us in kind. It is not conditional and it is not something that is expected, it is just something that happens and it is something that has also been lost.

This society is all about the me and not the we. Most of us are in the world to make it better for us without regards to those that are closest to us. We are abusing the ancestors and we are making life worse for the posterity through the actions that we make. We are using those around us for the love of the things that do not matter in the end. Those that understand the concept of one will get by with less and they will be fulfilled even in the worst parts of their life.

The Christs talked about the concept of being one. They sought, most of all, for us to be one with our own spirituality. Our connection to the divine is within us. There is no rigid structure and there is no commandment that will prevent us from having that connection. Believers and non-believers will have that connection and the divine will still speak to them. The difference between those who believe and those who do not is through the actions they take as a result of those promptings. We should take action always on the things that are given to us by the divine. That is how we can be one.

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