Through Minds’ Eyes: Reduced Edition

This book is a book of philosophy, ethics, and history that spans the life of each and every one of us. We will all experience life, death, resurrection, and rebirth throughout our life as we go through the ups and downs.
The readings of the week are similar to those of the Christian churches that embrace higher form of worship. The calendar is divided into 53 weeks and begins in the last week of November. Each week, four or eight readings would be provided for daily inspiration and meditation and they will revolve around a weekly theme that will allow you to better understand your life and your place in the universe.
Each set of readings is further divided into three cycles that repeat every three years. It is very similar to the setup of many of the Christian churches because of its familiarity to many people. It will allow the user to better understand the original book, which was very large and cumbersome.
My first book was called Through Minds Eyes and it had many problems. The main issues were length and formatting. There are many good ideas in the book and this edition will help the user to understand it more correctly and more fully. I admit that my first book was not the right kind of book, but my hope is that one day the original book will be more desirable as a text and that the formatting, editing, and length will be manageable and improved over what is there now.

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