Virtues and Vices

There is a way to a better life without having to go out of your way to discover it. Sometimes, life happens and events occur that causes us to learn deeper lessons and find deeper meaning. Everything that happens in your life for a reason and these reasons are often overlooked by the people who do not care about it or do not understand it.

As humans, we are susceptible to the ways of the world and all suffering in our life falls down to seven emotions that are hard to control. As a spiritual being, our purpose is to discover the bad emotions that we often get into, the source of the emotions that we suffer from, the realization that this can be counteracted, and the way in which it was counteracted in the life of the individual. Discovering these emotions and the virtues that counteract these emotions was the primary driving force of the journey of Ryan Hite.

Although it is based on the story of one person, the goal is to apply the importance of the effects of these vices and the joy in practicing these virtues in the context of your life. Although the journey of life is centered on the individual, many people forget about their effect on the world around them and many people do not understand fully the implications of events in their life on them and the world around them.

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