I highlight the journey of life as the most important part of the life of anyone and constitutes a large portion of my philosophy, which is where Epoch comes from. The people and the experiences that you have throughout your life make you into who you are. These experiences also bring you along the path to the light that all people will eventually come to. I talk about aspects of my journey a lot and the people and events that defined certain parts of my journey and my philosophy. The hope with displaying it is that all people can look at their own lives and the people and events that shape who we are and what kinds of things we can take away from the seemingly innocent and insignificant events of our life. There are people, visions, and times of trials that influenced the direction of my life.

Before the Journey

Before the beginning of the journey that would lead me to what I have to this day, I was facing a crisis of identity. It was the 2008-2009 school year, my sophomore year of high school, when I made decisions that would lead me to temporary pleasure in my life, but it was predicated on half-truths that would eventually come back to bite me. At the same time, I was going through the Confirmation program of the Catholic Church and thought nothing of it at first. As time went on, however, I started to see the life that I had at the time falling apart quickly and I had to find some way to fix it or change. I considered the path that the confirmation program offered me at that point in time, but I did not consider it seriously until April when a young woman that I had known all my life up to that point provided me an example by which I could see myself going down. It all came to a head in early May when I had to make a decision.

The First Dispensation – From the first vision and the beginning of the first epoch (May 9, 2009)

Background: In early May 2009, I had my first vision. In that vision that took place in Fraser, Colorado, I was visited by two beings that told me at that moment to make my decision as to what path I was to go down. At that moment in time, I was mysteriously scratched on the back from what I thought was The first member of the Continuum because she was actually sitting right behind me. Although she denies it, the action was enough for me to make the decision that I had to make and it started a journey that continues to this day.

History: Between the first and the second vision, I had five people go through my life. I learned a lot in that short time about the nature and consequences of love. The first two were significant in that it was my first true exposure to the nature of my emotions in the interactions of those around me. I also experienced some of greatest pains and rejections, but it was all in the hope that I would find the perfect one on my own. The third one, like the first one, was one of the greats, but it was also one of the greatest falls from grace that I would ever have. The feelings of the first one and the third one would sustain itself for a number of years. The third one would also be the one to break me into finding a new path which would influence me to this day. It would bring me to the LDS Church, which would later be influenced by the fourth and the fifth, both of whom were LDS members. The church would influence my philosophy to this day. After that time, I transitioned to Boulder and all of the fortunes that I had in high school reversed themselves in college. It was at that point, being involved in the LDS church, I had to make a choice, which would bring me to the reality of the second vision.

The Second Dispensation – From the second vision (September 13, 2011)

Background: After moving to Boulder, I was faced with three paths. The first path was to go down the road that was presented to me in Boulder that was more spiritual in nature. The second path was the path that was presented to me in my senior year with the LDS Church. The third path was a path that was the one that I was on up to this point largely from the perspective of the Catholic Church. I saw an opportunity to go to Crooked Creek Ranch with a group of people in September of 2011 and I took the opportunity to do it. I went on that retreat with a purpose that would allow me a chance to get more clarity as to the purpose of my path and the direction in which I should go in now that I have been presented with three possible paths.

History: Between freshman and the end of sophomore year of college, I had seven people come into my life. The first four were all from my freshman year of college as the year of experimentation without supervision, which was influential for my life as I went through the great transition halfway through this time. The other three occurred after I ventured out on my own and constituted the second triddium up to the third vision. The first four would teach me a part of a great lesson that helped me to transition out of the religious life and into the spiritual life. The first would teach me how to be. The second would teach me what to be. The third would teach me who I truly am. The fourth would teach me how to get there. The last two would be called the two witnesses before I had to make another choice at the end of the second dispensation. The eleventh member of the continuum would be called the transition and the twelfth member would be called the one of hope.

The Third Dispensation – After the third vision (June 13, 2013)

Background: The twelfth left me at a time when I needed her the most in my opinion. Although we had been great friends before, she left me at a bad place in my life and I needed a friend more than ever at that point. This led me to thinking about where I was to go from that point. The twelfth, in many circles, has been the pinnacle of the first era of my life and I felt that there would be nobody that could compare to that in terms of sheer support and love for me and for all that I do in the transition to the public realm of my life. I never experienced that sort of mutual support and loss in such a short period in time. I went to the place that I always went to think about the path that I should go down in life.

History: After the Third Vision, the next few months consisted of the Third Transition and trying to understand what the friendships of the future would be like. The thirteenth one’s influence on my life up to that point remained unmatched in my life and that it would be that influence and those ideas about the future of my life that would lead me to consider and to go down a new path in the fall of 2013, which would be her words of encouragement for me to join the student newspaper. Little did I know that it would lead me into a new era in my life. The thirteenth and fourteenth member of the continuum occurred at the same time. After that time, I would have two more, equaling four within the third dispensation. I would learn a lot in that era leading up to the fourth dispensation.

4. The Fourth Dispensation – After the fourth vision and the beginning of the second epoch (September 27, 2015)

Background: After the end of the era of the seventeenth member, a lot of thoughts came into my life as to what the future would hold for me. I had no clear direction, but what did become more clear to me would be the realization and culmination of all the things that would come through my life. I realized that everything had a connection and that all the people that came into my life have been there for a specific purpose, even if they did not accept it and even if their significance was short. The second Epoch has been seen as the support system that brought out the best of the core of the first Epoch.

History: After the fourth vision, I went through the longest transition in my life and that culminated in a sense of realization about the way in which I conducted myself and how I would see my life through a fresh set of eyes. As I transitioned into adulthood, I saw that my philosophy transitioned into a state of adulthood as well. In 2016, the first class of the Continuing Continuum was announced.


Vision Number Year After Continuum Before Continuum Description
1 2009 None 1 Ryan, you must be able to make a decision on what path you shall choose. You have two options and it is up to you as to what path you have to go down.
2 2011 5 6 You need to choose the path of least resistance, for it will show you the greatest resistance. If you choose the path of most resistance, you will become spiritually dead and find that it is the path of least resistance. The first path is the third path and the third path is the first path. Choose the path that has gone from first to third, for the third will become the first.
3 2013 12 13 Your past lies in the west and your future lies in the east. When you are looking to the future, look to the east and think of all the things that are yet to come. All of this will come to a zenith at the fourth vision. The east will serve you well and the west is in the past.
4 2015 17 CC This is the end of the epoch. You ruined my life, but you also brought my life to even greater levels of maturity. The future still lies in the east, but it is the west that will now support you on this new quest.


Number Greek Designation Province Year Introduced Virtue Taught Year Left
1 ΣΕΚΒ Ephesus 2009 Charity Present
2 ΜΚΜ Smyrna 2009 Temperance 2010
3 ΚΝΚ Pergamum 2010 Kindness 2011
4 ΑΡΜΥ Thyatira 2011 Chastity Present
5 ΑΓΛΓ Sardis 2011 Diligence 2011
6 ΣΘΡ Philadelphia 2011 Order 2012
7 ΜΜΤ Cesarea 2011 Justice 2012
8 ΣFF Paphos 2011 Sincerity 2012
9 ΝΛΛ Cyrene 2012 Patience 2012
10 ΑΛΑ Laodicea 2012 Humility 2012
11 ΣΡΒ Roma 2012 Silence 2013
12 ΚΓΜ Carthagia 2013 Hope 2013
13 ΑΘΝ Aquilea 2013 Industry 2014
14 ΚΘΣ Calabria 2013 Resolution 2015
15 ΚΕΔ Salona 2014 Frugality 2014
16 ΜΦΜ Axia 2014 Authenticity Present
17 ΒΓΣ Edessa 2015 Honesty 2015
18-CC MEM Addaia 2015 Tranquility Present
19-CC KMH Medea 2010 Cleanliness 2016
20-CC ΛAM Nubia 2016 Moderation Present
21-CC ΘMBK Antioch 2015 Compassion Present
22-CC ΣAΣ Alexandria 2016 Equanimity Present
23-CC ΓMA Herapa 2017 Venery Present


Transition Number Year After Continuum Before Continuum Description
1 2010 2 3 I went through the first transition after the first two in anticipation for the one that I would meet on my own.
2 2012 9 10 During that time, I went through the second transition at the same time that I would start to compose my first and greatest work.
3 2013 12 13 Happened around the same time as the third vision.
4 2014 15 16 Between the fifteenth and sixteenth member, I would go through the fourth transition that would bring me to the zenith of the third.
5 2015 17 CC Around the beginning of 2015 and continuing to this day, I went through a transitionary phase. Although I did think at first that this was a natural cycle, or one that I have been through before, but as the transition went on, I realized that it would result in the end of the third dispensation Primary Continuum as was known. I would have considered it to be the fifth transition, but it is long, sustained, and it has caused in me the end of the old way about thinking about things.


Note: I am an extensive user of greek lettering in terms of describing particular people and events, and the following is the designations:

A: Alpha Α B: Beta Β
C: Gamma Γ D: Delta Δ
E: Epsilon Ε F: Digamma F
G: Zeta Ζ H: Eta Η
I: Iota Ι J: Theta Θ
K: Kappa Κ L: Lambda Λ
M: Mu Μ N: Nu Ν
O: Omicron Ο P: Pi Π
Q: Koppa Q R: Rho Ρ
S: Sigma Σ T: Tau Τ
U: Upsilon Υ V: Xi Ξ
W: Phi Φ X: Chi Χ
Y: Psi ψ Z: Omega Ω