On March 17, 2024, Vladimir Putin clinched yet another presidential term in Russia, marking his fifth tenure as the nation’s leader. This victory, however, was overshadowed by widespread criticism regarding the legitimacy of the election process. With no serious contenders allowed to challenge him, Putin’s triumph seemed predestined, leaving many both within and outside of Russia pondering the state of democracy in the country. This blog post delves into the details of the 2024 Russian presidential election, examining how Putin maintains his grip on power, the reaction of the Russian populace, and the future trajectory of Russia under his prolonged rule.

Election Overview

The election spanned from March 15 to March 17, 2024, with early voting beginning on February 26 for residents in remote regions. This extended voting period also controversially included four Ukrainian oblasts that Russia has illegally annexed. The ballot featured four candidates, but only Putin was considered a genuine contender. The voting process in major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg went smoothly, with a significant show of state-organized support, while in annexed Ukrainian territories, the atmosphere was tenser and more coercive.

Putin’s Unchallenged Ascendancy

The lack of genuine electoral competition is a critical aspect of Putin’s sustained control. Over the years, potential rivals have either been systematically sidelined or faced severe repression. For instance, Boris Nadin, who proposed ending the conflict in Ukraine and restoring fundamental governmental institutions, was barred from the election due to minor technicalities in his application.

Public Sentiment and Controlled Opposition

While the election’s legitimacy is highly questionable, it is essential to recognize that Putin does enjoy a certain level of genuine support among the Russian populace. This support can be attributed to several factors, including effective state propaganda and a lack of robust alternative political voices. Candidates allowed to run are typically either non-threatening to Putin’s power or echo his policies closely, thus giving an illusion of choice while ensuring the status quo remains unchallenged.

The International Perspective and Future Implications

Internationally, Putin’s re-election has been met with skepticism and concern. This election reaffirms the authoritarian trajectory of Russian politics under Putin, where democratic norms are continually eroded. Looking ahead, Putin’s continued rule is likely to further strain relations with Western nations and intensify the focus on strengthening military and strategic ties with countries like China and Iran.


The 2024 election underscores the autocratic nature of Putin’s regime, where electoral outcomes are predetermined, and opposition is stifled. As Putin embarks on his fifth term, the international community remains wary of his unchecked authority, which poses significant challenges for global diplomacy and security. Inside Russia, while some citizens still support Putin, the need for genuine political reform and democratization grows increasingly urgent.


Q: Was the 2024 Russian presidential election free and fair? A: No, the 2024 election was widely criticized for its lack of genuine competition and freedom. Most serious contenders were either barred from running or faced significant repression, making the election more of a ceremonial reappointment of Putin.

Q: How does Putin maintain control over Russian politics? A: Putin’s control is maintained through a combination of legal restrictions, suppression of opposition, and extensive use of state media to shape public perception. This ensures that any potential challenges to his rule are minimized or neutralized.

Q: What does Putin’s re-election mean for global politics? A: Putin’s continued leadership is likely to result in sustained tensions between Russia and Western nations, particularly over issues like the conflict in Ukraine and geopolitical influence. His regime will continue to seek stronger alliances with non-Western countries to counterbalance Western sanctions and diplomatic pressures.

Q: How do Russians feel about Putin’s leadership? A: Public opinion in Russia is mixed. While there is significant support for Putin, partly due to state propaganda, there is also a growing discontent among those who desire more democratic freedoms and less corruption. However, expressing dissent is increasingly difficult and dangerous in Putin’s Russia.

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By Ryan Hite

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