About Me

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It all started…

In 2009 when I went through a sort of spiritual transformation. Not only did it help me personally at a hard time in my life, but it also set me on a path that was different from what I saw myself doing up to that point. My interest in religion and spirituality grew as I grew and attended the University of Colorado in Boulder.

As I spiritually and physically matured, I decided, in 2011, to write a book. The book turned out to be a massive project that I did on top of being a full time student and a part time employee. The skills that I gained over the course of this project opened many doors that led me to where I am today.

I have been working in the freelancing field for ten years on a variety of different projects. Over the course of this time, I changed my styles, made some mistakes, had many successes, and learned new techniques in the rapidly changing world of online marketing and content creation. I now seek to bring these skills, perspectives, and experiences to a company or organization on a full-time basis.

So, now you’re asking…

Who am I and what are my experiences like? What skills, experiences, and perspectives do I bring to any company or organization?

I have what you may consider to be many lives. Over the course of these lives, I gained many important skills. The skills that I gained are not necessarily the skills that are obvious to those who worked in insurance and in real estate, but expand beyond them.

While working at Sellstate Realty Pros, as it is in the real estate industry, I mastered my skills in negotiations, attention to detail, working at hours that are not seen as traditional, contract creation, networking, and I mastered my skills further in marketing and communication.

While in the insurance industry with Allstate, State Farm, and American Family Insurance, I mastered my knowledge in funnel conversion, online marketing, cross selling, collaboration, multi-tasking, customer service, following up, and becoming a member of the community, in addition to mastering the skills of overcoming objections and leadership.

While working in the writing industry, I was able to learn about content marketing and management, social media marketing and management, various software and hardware, and working in an environment that is remote, collaborative, and, as a result, needed to excel in written and oral communication.

What do you do for fun?

I love to do what I do. I enjoy writing, reading, and studying what I love to do. My current interests? Besides my mastery in all things marketing and sales; I continue to have a love of religion, architecture, cities, spirituality, cryptozoology, current events, politics, wrestling, history, geography, technology, software, video gaming, and many other things.

I am also a person that loves nothing more than loyalty, respect, and collaboration. I pride myself on being an intel gatherer, listener, friend, brother, son; and I strive for self-respect, self-discipline, actualization, and helping others to realize the best in themselves. I believe in a vision of the future that will bring out the best in all people and we are looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.