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Soft Skills

Multi-Tasking, Self-Starter, Communication with Other Teams, Communication Across Platforms, Communication with Stakeholders, Creative Problem Solving, Independent Thinking, Quick Learner, Native Technology Adopter, Team Collaboration, Customer Centric, Media Trend Identifier, Cross Selling, Upselling, Bundle Selling, Data-Driven Decisionmaking, Time Management, Task Management


Cold Calling, Presentation, Networking, Social Media, Internet Leads, Internet Inquiries, Phone Inquiries, Walk-In Inquiries, List Building, Trade Shows, Consultative Selling

Freelance Projects

Magnosi Web Marketing

Under the guidance of the owners of the company, I worked with the company on a contract basis for a number of years in their own efforts to provide white-glove SEO and marketing services to mid-market buyers in the northeast. I was advised on best practices, compliance, and proper media and copy for each of the clients I was tasked with. I also picked up experience in SEM, PPC, and CPC experience and put together many reports according to the needs of the company and the clients. I also learned how to submit, put together, and interpret reports on behalf of clients.

I was also given clear guidance on how to effectively set a budget and buy advertising space on Google, Linkedin, and Facebook. I was tasked with interpreting reports based on past data to guide when and where to buy and how much to invest in order to get the greatest returns. I worked with others on developing the ads, performing split testing, and monitoring trends with the end goals of the client always being at top of mind.


Managed a media campaign with the stated goals to bring awareness to the SaaS product that DocNPort created. The campaign used Google Ads and the campaign was five months in length. The results of the ads were published on a weekly basis to the primary stakeholders. Visits to the website increased 800% and the primary stakeholders in the company reported an increase in Linkedin views and email inquiries.

CaseMed Solutions

Worked in the Information Technology department for the company for ten years on an on-call basis. Due to my proficiency in technology, I was tasked with resolving issues, onboarding new employees, overseeing meetings and presentations, and assisted with technology infrastructure for marketing and sales processes.

Some of my highlights with the company included creating presentations for stakeholders, overseeing videoconferencing meetings between employees and with employees and clients, and helping integrate a new technology platform for twenty employees and making sure tech issues are resolved in a timely manner during that transition.

University of Colorado Boulder

Led a team for a year in customer service and in money management. Performed various financial transactions during the summer while the dorms at the university were used to host conferences and events. Took charge of organizing keys, lanyards, and schedules for the various conferences to distribute to attendees. Distributed supplies and solved problems throughout the season.

During the school year, took charge of move in and move out procedures, including activating key cards, distributing supplies, and assisted resident advisors with organizing the students. Beyond that, I helped manage student relations, participated in events, and ensured a staffed front desk for 24 hours a day.

Being a student of the university, I also attended many classes touching on graphic design, data gathering, data charting and interpretation, research, writing, reading, computer work, collaboration, written and oral communication, learning, studying, working with stakeholders, time management, project management, among many other endeavors. I was also involved in and created multiple clubs in a variety of different avenues.


Participated in a team of content creators and managers to produce content for the Valnet brand TheRichest. My role was to produce “listicle” articles utilizing best practices in SEO and content creation. Most popular article generated 135,000 views. The average number of views was around 72,000. Had three articles featured as the top article on the site. This project was between March 2014 and May 2016.

I also helped in the development of



Digital Journal

Took part in a content marketing project consisting of producing relevant articles utilizing SEO best practices between June 2014 and August 2017. The topics in question were wide ranging, but mainly consisted of tech and current events. Most popular article produced generated 125,000 views, which was in the top 10% of all articles produced by the company at the time. The average number of views was 64,000 within the first three months and about 72,000 when I last looked at it. Link

Promoted in August 2017 to content management and worked until March of 2019 working with content creators by sourcing stories, performing editorial best practices, sent relevant news stories to the social media team for publication, and communicated with the owners of the company and other stakeholders regarding the integrity and quality of the content being produced and consumed.

CU Independent

Took part in the opinion team producing relevant articles utilizing best practices around SEO and the AP style of writing. This project took place between November of 2013 and April of 2014. The average number of views per article was around 7,000. Link

Sellstate Realty Pros

Worked directly with a small real estate agency in Greenwood Village, Colorado. In addition to being a real estate agent, I strategized with the broker and other members of the staff regarding the development of sales scripts, social media and branding packages, and other sales and funnel techniques to help other agents with their own marketing efforts.

I participated in a roundtable with other agents to guide marketing plans and develop their social media, website, and real estate website assets that target the markets they are looking to get into. With everyone targeting a different market and demographic, we collaborated on best practices for each in terms of split testing, copy, media, focus, and other particulars. I also participated in discussions with industry leaders, lenders, title, commercial real estate agents, and home services personnel with regards to best practices, the latest trends, and compliance with state and local laws.

I reached out to my target marketing through a variety of methods, including purchasing leads, social media, paid advertising, physical media, networking, among other things. I also developed a robust follow up system with prospects, customers, and referral sources. I shared some of these best practices with others in the office.

American Family Insurance

Worked directly with an established American Family Insurance agency in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Strategized with the agent and other team members regarding the development of sales scripts, email marketing techniques, and other best practices to help drive a better return on investment from internet marketing. Collaborated with sales leaders, financial advisors, and field specialists to promote the agency and brand as a whole. Helped test new email marketing techniques, sales scripts, and paid media properties with the goal to increase the number of people calling in to the office and with driving up the percentage of positive contacts from internet marketing efforts.

Through this time, I implemented an email marketing and follow up system for prospects, current customers, and referral partnerships with realtors, mortgage brokers, and financial advisors. I participated in a pilot program utilizing email marketing and social media to attract prospects and drive reviews of the agency and company on facebook and google. Through these efforts, we reached an average of 11,000 views and 10 phone calls a month to the office through social media. We also gathered 20 calls a month to the office through referral partnerships.

I also developed a weekly newsletter to be sent out to referral partnerships. These newsletters consisted of relevant copy and graphics to address customer concerns, educate the referrals, and provide entertainment value to drive engagement.


Worked directly with an Allstate agency that was just starting up. Strategized with the agent and other team members directly regarding the development of media properties to promote the agency and the brand as a whole with a monthly budget of $10,000. Collaborated with sales leaders, financial advisors, and field specialists to identify the target market, perform split testing, and run paid advertising with the goal to increase the number of people calling in to the office.

We developed a comprehensive plan involving facebook, twitter, linkedin, and email marketing techniques. We also began development of a plan to begin a podcast with the agent and with another team member. We gathered a reach of 13,000 over the course of one month and had a reach of 52,000 by the end of three months.

During that time, I also ran events in conjunction with the Denver Metro Association of Realtors, a branch of which had an office a mile away from the location of the agency. We developed a plan to run events in conjunction with them to host open houses with interested realtors and provided needed supplies in exchange for marketing utilizing the network of the realtor.

We ran a total of two events that were well received. These events had a reach of 13,000 people and gathered 150 total names and numbers and ran 15 quotes on the spot.


In SuretyWave, I helped develop and implement a marketing campaign utilizing Linkedin and Google Ads with a budget of $10,000/month. The goal of the campaign was to bring awareness of the product to a new market targeting the same audience they have targeted in other areas of the country. Consulted with the owners of the company to develop relevant media and copy to attract the right audience by educating, entertaining, and informing.

Weingarten Realty Investors

Between May 2014 and August 2014, I participated in the Weingarten internship program. In this position, I helped to sell properties in the Denver metropolitan areas for lease to various clients. These efforts were primarily done on Craigslist as these spaces were supposed to be for temporary use and the terms included not being able to modify the space in a significant way.

Over the course of that time, I also learned various systems the real estate office used and some of the procedures the company was going through at the time. I also took part in social media initiatives on behalf of the company. I participated in A/B testing on behalf of the corporate social media team to identify the good and the bad in each post. These results helped in the continued marketing efforts of the corporate social media team.


Between June of 2015 and June of 2017, I worked with a company that helped gather information on rural grade schools on behalf of greatschools.com. This project entailed gathering basic information on the school such as student number, student to teacher ratio, logos, colors, mascots, sports, demographic information, among other things, to compile a profile with the stated goal to build out the site.

The project was mainly done on a ticket system and I worked on an average of 50 schools per week averaging about 30 minutes per school profile. Worked with very specific metrics and were given a variety of resources to gather the needed information in order to complete the project. At the end of the project, I completed 3,000 school profiles in the states of Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin primarily focusing on small rural public and private schools. I accomplished this via research on the web.

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