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Soft Skills


Freelance Projects

Magnosi Web Marketing


Managed a media campaign with the stated goals to bring awareness to the SaaS product that DocNPort created. The campaign used Google Ads and the campaign was five months in length. The results of the ads were published on a weekly basis to the primary stakeholders. Visits to the website increased 800% and the primary stakeholders in the company reported an increase in Linkedin views and email inquiries.

CaseMed Solutions

University of Colorado Boulder

Led a team for a year in customer service and in money management. Performed various financial transactions during the summer while the dorms at the university were used to host conferences and events. Took charge of organizing keys, lanyards, and schedules for the various conferences to distribute to attendees. Distributed supplies and solved problems throughout the season.

During the school year, took charge of move in and move out procedures, including activating key cards, distributing supplies, and assisted resident advisors with organizing the students. Beyond that, I helped manage student relations, participated in events, and ensured a staffed front desk for 24 hours a day.

Conde Nast

Participated in a team of content creators and managers to produce content for the Conde Nast brand TheRichest. My role was to produce “listicle” articles utilizing best practices in SEO and content creation. Most popular article generated 135,000 views. The average number of views was around 72,000. Had three articles featured as the top article on the site. This project was between March and May of 2014.



Digital Journal

Took part in a content marketing project consisting of producing relevant articles utilizing SEO best practices between June and August of 2014. The topics in question were wide ranging, but mainly consisted of tech and current events. Most popular article produced generated 125,000 views, which was in the top 10% of all articles produced by the company at the time. The average number of views was 64,000 within the first three months and about 72,000 when I last looked at it. Link

CU Independent

Took part in the opinion team producing relevant articles utilizing best practices around SEO and the AP style of writing. This project took place between November of 2013 and April of 2014. The average number of views per article was around 7,000. Link

Sellstate Realty Pros

American Family Insurance



Weingarten Realty Investors